Best 4K TV Features, Performance, and Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks

Best 4K TVs Review

Best 4k Tv Reviews: Ultra HD TVs or 4K TVs have been around for quite some time but have recently been improved in quality and features. These TVs are more affordable now and therefore, are becoming a craze among the customers.

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Some of the Best 4k Tv are listed below:

  • Hisense 50H7GB2 4K TV
  • Samsung UN55JS9000 55-inch 4K TV
  • VIZIO P602ui-B3 60-inch Ultra HDTV
  • LG 65EF9500 65-inch 4K Television
  • LG 70UF7700 70-inch 4K TV

Best 4k Tv Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks

Hisense 50H7GB2 4K TV

Best 4K TV Reviews

This best 4K TV from Hisense is packed with features and comes at affordable prices. It is a 50-inch TV equipped with smart functionality. The picture quality is wonderful and has four times more pixels than standard definition TVs. The integrated DBx-tv award-winning audio technology produces superb quality sounds with controlled bass, dynamics, and volume. This TV is Netflix recommended tv which has ‘always on’ and ‘one touch’ features. The Hisense 50H7GB2 4K TV is Greenguard certified and comes with a four-year warranty. The LCD and SMR technology give brighter, smoother, and crisper images. All these features are available at extremely reasonable costs, and this makes it one of the best 50” TVs of 2016.

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Samsung UN55JS9000 55-inch 4K TV

Best 4K TV Review

Samsung has forayed into the 4K segment with the Samsung UN55JS9000 55-inch 4K TV. This curved 55-inch LED TV has a Smart technology and a built-in Wifi system. The home theater experience of this Samsung TV is marvelous, with rich colors and amazing brightness. It has a 64X color expression than the conventional HD/UHD TVs. The crystal nano-technology gives incredible picture quality, and the Smart view (wireless) technology allows streaming between the TV and the smartphone. Samsung’s ‘Auto Depth Enhancer’ detects the specifications of the picture being displayed and adjusts the screen color accuracy in an automated way. The TV has one of the best accuracy engines and has numerous apps to provide numerous features to the consumer.

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VIZIO P602ui-B3 60-inch Ultra HDTV

Best 4K TV

The VIZIO has launched an incredible picture quality LED with four times the resolution of 1080 Full HD programs. The internet apps are optimized for Ultra HD streaming. The wireless technology with an HEVC H.265 codec allows users to stream Netflix and internet content easily. The device comes with HDMI Ports and the HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0; P-Series can connect game consoles, players, and UHD devices. With this TV, Vizio has sprung back into the competition of the leading 4K TVs.

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LG 65EF9500 65-inch 4K Television


Best 4K TVs Review

One of the best 65” TVs in the market, the LG 65EF9500 65-inch 4K Television is an OLED technology TV. The depth of the TV is super slim at 0.25 inches and has superb picture quality. The TV is very expensive, owing to the advanced features in the device. The OLED display uses deeper blacks, white and colors than any other LCD/LED in the market. It is HDR compliant, and the OLED technology provides exceptional quality images, at extremely high prices.

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LG 70UF7700 70-inch 4K TV

Best 4K TVs

This LG 70” TV has a crisp picture quality, built-in Wi-Fi, and a 120 HZ refresh rate. It is a slender 70” model and comes with a flat screen and tremendous color accuracy. The product comes at a very good price and is Energy Star qualified. The Ultra Surround sound and the Web OS 2.0technology makes the 4K TV simple and easy to use. The Ultra HD TV has four times the resolution of an HD TV, and the IPS technology delivers consistent colors and great TV coverage from any angle in the room. The TV provides all these features at very affordable costs, and therefore it is rated as one of the best 4K TVs in this segment.

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Review and selection

All these gadgets are the best 4K TV from 50” to 70”. The user can select his pick based on the picture quality, features, screen, refresh rates, and clarity. The price, connectivity, and display technology are vital considerations while picking up a 4K television. The high-resolution TVs provide excellent viewing for TV shows, gaming, and movies. The refresh rates should be around 120 Hz and are ideal for gaming and sports actions. The flat screen offers wide viewing from any angle in the room and can be set up in large rooms with wide areas. And at the end, it is the price that is of prime importance, and the purchase should be made by the budget.

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