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Best Baby Gates Reviews 2018
Best Baby Gates Reviews

Watching your little munchkin take her first steps is an amazing and proud moment for you, as parents or caretakers. It is one of the many baby milestones parents eagerly look forward to. However, it comes with its own perils. A mobile infant is a danger unto himself.

Keeping him from harm, from venturing into dangerous or prohibited areas in the house, and/or from falling off the stairs is of prime importance in his growing years, lest he hurts himself. If hurt, he could lose his confidence and that could delay his progress. The following article provides the best baby gates reviews of selected products. We have comprehensively described the products, their features, and benefits along with cost considerations.

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Best Baby Gate: Best Pick

Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate by Summer Infant

Best Baby Gates Reviews

While all five of the best baby gates reviews have their own benefits, Summer Infant’s multi-use deco extra tall walk-thru gate is the best baby gate available in the market in this category. At 36 inches in height, it provides the perfect assembly for use in doorways and stairways. The optional extensions enable a customizable expansion of up to 48 inches in width. The one-touch unlatching system allows for ease of use and provides total comfort and absolute convenience when walking through the gate. Its auto-locking mechanism allows the gate to close gently behind, after you have walked through the baby gate. It comes with pressure-mount and hardware-mount kits that enable the ultimate sturdiness for your best baby gate. Though comparatively pricey at $52.99, this gate offers all the right combinations of durability, sturdiness, efficiency, and convenience.

Best baby gates

Best Baby Gate: Budget Pick 

Easy Step Walk Thru Gate by Regalo

Best Baby Gates Reviews

For budget conscious buyers, industry leader Regalo’s easy step walk thru gate is the best bet at $32.00. At 30 inches in height and 29 inches to 39 inches in width, this best baby gate is the perfect height and width for use with infants aged 6 months and toddlers aged 2 years. It comes with wall cups for extra support when installed against walls in stairways and hallways. Its pressure-mount system keeps your door frame safe from dents and scratches. The 100 percent steel metal construction provides excellent durability and lasts regular use. It is easy to install, takes minutes to take down, stows flat, and is lightweight and portable. All of this at just $32.00. Well, among all these best baby gates, this one holds the best bet for your money place.

Best baby gates reviews

Top 5 Best Baby Gates

1. Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate by Summer Infant

Best Baby Gates Reviews

Summer Infant is an award-winning brand in the best baby gates industry. It is the ideal brand offering products that have the best baby gates reviews on efficiently child-proofing your home. The multi-use deco extra tall walk-thru gate is made of metal and comes in two attractive bronze and beige colors. It stands 36 inches tall and is therefore apt for babies aged 6 months to toddlers aged 2 years. The gate is 28 inches to 48 inches wide. Its multi-use feature is substantiated by its use for doorways and stairways.

  • For doorways: The gate can be pressure mounted between the two frames of a doorway. This means that the gate can be secured using tension bolts. It does not require any additional tools or drilling equipment and is quite easy to install and use.
  • For stairways: The gate can be hardware mounted at the tops and bottoms of stairways. This means additional tools are required for installation. This helps in making the gate more secure and sturdy.

The Summer Infant gate is also popular for its auto-close feature. This means it closes automatically after you walk through. It can be operated using one hand and can be opened in both directions. The door stopper that is used on gates on stairways offers a dual locking system for extra security.


  • Uses pressure mounting or hardware mounting
  • Installs in doorways and stairways
  • Closes automatically
  • Opens with one hand
  • Opens in both directions
  • Comes with dual locking
  • Is sturdy and secure
  • Looks attractive

Con: The installation is easy, but has to be done correctly. If mounted too loose, it can open without the latch. If mounted too tight, the latch remains firmly engaged and is difficult to open, even by adults.

Variants: Metal with beige finish; Metal with bronze finish

Cost: At $52.99, this is the priciest of the lot. Its features and benefits, however, make the price worth its while.

Best Baby Gates Reviews

 2. Easy Step Walk Thru Gate by Regalo

Best Baby Gates Reviews

Certified by Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association and American Society of Testing Materials, Regalo is one of the most popular brands in the best baby gates market and based on repeated claims, we can assure you that this is the go-to brand for many parents. The brand has received some of the best baby gates reviews corroborated by features that speak volumes about its functionality. The body is made of 100 percent steel and hence stands the test of time. It can be installed in minutes. Pressure-mounting technology ensures security and stability. It is 30 inches tall and 29 inches to 34 inches wide. It can be expanded with extensions that can be bought separately. The kit comes with wall cups to ensure a sturdy installation between walls.


  • Installs easily
  • Installs in doorways and stairways
  • Fits openings 29 inches to 39 inches wide, without additional extensions
  • Comes with wall cups for extra security when installing between walls
  • Releases easily with a single touch
  • Is lightweight and portable
  • Includes a 90-day warranty
  • Endures repeated wear and tear

Con: The instruction manual must be read carefully. Most buyers find the gate “disfigured” when removed from packaging. The design is meant to be so and becomes alright when mounted the right way, as described in the manual.

Variants: Steel finish in blue; Steel finish in white

Cost: At $32, Regalo’s easy step walk thru gate is the perfect baby gate for your child and it’s easy on the pocket too.

Best Baby Gates Reviews

 3. Easy Open 50 Inch Wide Best Baby Gates by Regalo

Best Baby Gates Reviews

The brand speaks. The model performs. This particular model by Regalo is extra wide at 50 inches, so it can fit openings 29 inches to 50 inches in width. It can be used in both doorways and large hallways. It is to be pressure-mounted and this saves your walls and doors from unsightly scars. It is quick and easy to install. Its safety locking feature is designed to be difficult for children under 2 years of age. But, it is easy for adults to open with one hand. This model comes with two extension kits to help you fit the gate in larger spaces. It is PVC free. It is also certified by American Society for Testing and Materials and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. At 31 inches high, this gate is ideal for children between 6 months and 2 years of age. The pressure mounts allow for easy take down. The lightweight frame makes it portable and convenient to stow.


  • Installs quickly and easily in doorways and wider hallways
  • Offers single touch open on its latching mechanism
  • Comes with extension kits for customization
  • Is made of 100 percent steel, providing a sturdy structure
  • Is PVC free, therefore, safe and secure for your precious darlings
  • Certified by JPMA and ASTM
  • Comes down quickly and stows flat for convenient storage
  • Keeps infants and toddlers from prohibited places

Con: The gate fits openings 29 inches to 52 inches wide. However, specifically only 29 inches, 36 inches, 46 inches, and 52 inches, and no other widths in between.

Variants: Includes a 6-inch extension kit and a 12-inch extension kit; Additional extensions can be bought separately.

Cost: At $30.45, this is the cheapest of the metal baby gates variants and yet fulfills the purpose it is designed for.

Best Baby Gates Reviews

 4. Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate by Regalo

Best Baby Gates Reviews

The easy step extra tall walk thru gate is another successful model from the industry leader, Regalo. Walking aside, your little one could well be on her way to becoming an expert climber. At 41 inches in height, this extra tall gate keeps her from crossing over to restricted areas in your house, ensuring her safety at all times. On and by itself, the baby gate accommodates openings up to 40-inches in width. As with other Regalo, models it can be customized to expand to fit other widths using extension kits that can be bought separately. The installation utilizes pressure-mounting technology, making it easy to install and take down. The secure latch comes in a lever style handle that opens with a single touch and provides a design that enables adults to walk through the gate conveniently.


  • Is extra tall for added security
  • Is suitable for older children
  • Installs and comes down easily
  • Protects frames with pressure-mounting installation
  • Is light and portable at just about 12 pounds
  • Comes in a sturdy steel frame
  • Stands the test of time and repeated wear and tear
  • Opens with just one touch

Con: The gate opening is 16 inches in width and therefore makes it inconvenient to carry loads across.

Variants: Comes with a 6-inch extension kit; Can be customized with other extension sizes sold separately.

Cost: At $34.98, Regalo’s easy step extra tall walk thru gate is ideal for older babies who tend to climb.

Best Baby Gates Reviews

 5. Extra WideSpan Walk Through Safety Gate by Regalo

Best Baby Gates Reviews

Another extra wide walk through model, this particular gate from Regalo, on and by itself can fit narrow openings 29 inches to 34 inches in width. It includes three extension kits at 6 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches, which help in custom-fitting openings that are 58 inches wide. This baby gate is most suitable for wide stairways, hallways, and walkways in your house. The durable steel construction stands the test of time. The pressure-mounting technology ensures quick and easy installation. The kit also includes wall cups for a sturdier installation against walls. At a height of 31 inches, this gate is ideal for infants aged 6 months to toddlers aged 2 years. The gate is completely free of PVC and therefore totally safe for your children.


  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Enables convenient walk through
  • Is made of lightweight, durable steel
  • Can be stowed flat
  • Allows for custom expansions for up to 58 inches in width
  • Includes a latch mechanism that allows for one-touch opening
  • Is certified by ASTM and JPMA
  • Does not require additional extensions

Con: The gate is sturdy for use for children under 2 years of age. Older children may be able to knock it over with some effort.

Variants: Comes with one 6 inch, one 8 inch, and one 12 inch extensions; Does not require any additional extension kits.

Cost: At $45.50, this extra wide-span walk through gate is ideal for young children.

Best Baby Gates Reviews

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