Best Kids Sleeping Bag Reviews 2021 – Top 5 Picks

Best kids sleeping bag reviews 2018
Best kids sleeping bag reviews

Kids sleeping bag is unquestionably one of the most important camping gear and it can keep your kid warm in chilly nights even in home too. However, we know you don’t have time to research each and every kids sleeping bag in the market. It’s obvious, that it’s not easy to read all the kids sleeping bag reviews to find the best kids sleeping bag available in the market.

But, our experts do. Our experts dig deep into each sleeping bag and understood its pros and cons and they have also collected the customers’ opinion (who is already using the product) and found the top sleeping bags in the market. If you’re looking for a sleeping bag for your kids, you’ve reached your ultimate destination.

Why Do You Need a Kids Sleeping Bag?

If your kids aren’t warm enough during their first few camping trips, they are likely to put off camping altogether. Nobody would want to shiver on a chilly night, desperately needing some more clothes to feel warm. Moreover, it won’t bring any fun too. But again, if you buy the kids sleeping bag and it isn’t very comfortable, then there is no point having one. A well-cushioned and comfortable sleeping bag can actually make all the difference.

It salvages your cute little campers from the hard ground beneath and a comfortable thing to sleep on. Therefore, we have gone above and beyond to pick the best kids sleeping bags for you. These bags are hand-picked from some of the well-known and trusted brands. This ensures a long-lasting and nicely padded sleeping bag for your next camping trip. Read our genuine kids sleeping bag reviews to gift your kid a soft and durable sleeping bag for the next weekend’s trip.

After testing eight sleeping bags on two weekend camping trips with a total of 18 kids between 3 years to 12 years old, we found the best sleeping bag for most kids. We have listed that in our kids sleeping bag reviews here.

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Top 5 Best Kids Sleeping Bag Reviews

1. Wildkin Blue Camo Original Sleeping Bag


Fabrication and Durability

‘Wildkin Blue Camo Original Sleeping Bag’ tops our kids sleeping bag reviews. This is the sleeping bag you have been searching for your little ones. It is truly a warm, cozy and durable sleeping bag that will give them a cozy place to drift off. A great combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester is used in the fabrication of this nice bag. The bag is well-stitched that can withstand even the harshest of use. It is also naturally flame-resistant and is not treated with any kind of flame retardant chemicals.

The interior of the bag is 100% cozy cotton flannel that will give a plush and soft feeling to your kids. The blue color of this kids sleeping bag is very smart and striking. The product is machine-washable to ensure its hygiene and cleanliness. But make certain that you wash it on a gentle cycle that too with cold water and air dry it. This will retain the quality and fabrication of this bag for a longer duration.

Dimension and Accommodation

If you have kids that are between the ages of 5 and 12, then this is a perfect kids sleeping bag you can gift to your kids for a sound sleep. It measures around 66 × 30 × 1.5 inches. It is good enough for even a five feet tall kid. The bag may feel a little heavier than the toddler sleeping bag at 3.9 pounds. You and your kids can easily take it from one place to another without having to drag it all across.

The bag is specifically designed for sleepovers and other indoor usage. Your kids can use this bag even when they are playing camping games in the premises of the home. Although it is intended for indoor use, you can pack it for your camping trips where you are going to install tents. This is not waterproof but it can easily provide enough warmth to protect your kids from the cool temperature outside.

Additional Features

A matching travel pillow is given along with this nice and well-made sleeping bag. This additional product makes the deal more lucrative. You can also store it effortlessly in a carry sack that comes with the product. There are elastic carry straps featured on the bag too for the ease of handling and carrying it. The one year warranty offered by the manufacturer on this kids sleeping bag ensures a durable and hard-wearing product.


It is a well-stitch and high-quality sleeping bag which will cost you around $50. It will last long and give plenty of room to your tall kids so that they can sleep nicely. It is thick and properly insulates the inside for a warm stay out. Your kids will sleep properly without chilling due to the low temperatures of the environment. If you’re looking to buy the best kids sleeping bag, then this what you’re looking for.

Bottom Line: In our kids sleeping bag reviews ‘Wildkin Blue Camo Original Sleeping Bag’ holds the top position. If you’re looking to buy the best kids sleeping bag which is made by top quality materials this is an excellent choice for you.

2. Olive Kids Robots Nap Mat

olive kids robots nap mat

If you are looking for a starter sleeping bag that can take your kids to a dreamland, then this is an ideal choice for you. Olive Kids Robots Nap Mat is the ‘Amazon bestseller’ in this category. Our crew collected the customer reviews for this kids sleeping bag and we’re convinced that this is the best choice for you if you’re looking to buy the best kids sleeping bag for your budget. It is very cheap for its quality and in our kids sleeping bag reviews Olive Kids Robots Nap Mat is the best budget friendly kids sleeping bag.

Fabrication and Durability

It is fabricated with a top-quality and hard-wearing fabric which ensures enough comfort that is required to drift off soundly. It is also a favorite choice among parents who want something for preschools, daycares or for indoor use. Its cotton and polyester exterior makes this bag highly durable.

One of the major reasons that make this bag highly durable is its ability to be washed in machine. Regularly washing of this sleeping bag is also great for eliminating the possibilities of germs and other contaminants. It also has a comfortable padding that makes this bag suitable for spreading across the bed of your toddler. The stitching of this bag is also topnotch.

Dimension and Accommodation

This sleeping bag is quite smaller than the other sleeping bags listed here. Its all-inclusive size is 50 × 20 × 2 inches that provides accommodation for 20 in by 50 in. It is one of the lightest sleeping bags that are only about 2 pounds. So, even your children can carry it easily from one place to another. It’s neither heavy nor thick. This makes it a perfect napping bag even if you live in relatively warmer areas.

The bag is very easy to roll up and you can carry it from the strap handles incorporated in the bag. It is large enough for your toddler or a growing kid. Your five years kid will cozily sleep inside this warm and plush sleeping bag without feeling snugged up. It won’t show tears or worn out area even after a constant heavy duty use.

Additional Features

The construction of the bag meets US flammability test requirements. It is also tested vigilantly to make sure this product is children-friendly. It does not contain any harmful element like bpa, lead and phthalate. The colors available in this bag are vibrant and fun. It also comes with a head pillow that makes it a remarkable nap mat for your little one to be used at daycare. Pillow is a great added advantage for enhancing its utility and fun element.


At $38, this is one of the reasonably priced sleeping bags for kids. It has eye-catching patterns and color options that will make your kid fall in love with this sleeping bag at first sight. This one has robots drawn across the entire length of the bag and is really good for the techy kids. Robots are anyways becoming one of the favorite toys among small children. In our best kids sleeping bag reviews ‘Olive Kids Robots Nap Mat’ is the top choice for the parents who are looking for top quality sleeping bag within their budget.

Bottom Line: ‘Olive Kids Robots Nap Mat’ is the best seller On Amazon. Made with top quality materials and it fits into your budget.

3. Olive Kids Original Sleeping Bag

olive kids original sleeping bag

Fabrication and Durability

This is a super cute kids sleeping bag that is perfect for your little ones. It is fabricated from a high-quality fabric that promises durability. It is cotton and has breathable lining. It does not reek of any chemical and is very hygienic. The zipper is smooth and noiseless and will last even the heavy duty use. It has an adorable pattern at its exteriors and never-fading vibrant color.

You can easily wash it in your machine on gentle cycle with cold water. It will remain as new even after repeated washing. However, the manufacturer describes it to be an indoor product. This restricts the use of this sleeping bag for camping and other such activities. But we have found out that it can be used for outdoor activities as well. Although it is not waterproof, it works pretty well in a tent outside during the late summers.

Dimension and Accommodation

The bag is quite bigger than what you must be expecting. This regular sized bag is great for any kid between the ages of 4 and 12. Its overall dimension is 66 × 30 × 2 inches. This allows the easy accommodation for 30 by 66 inches. Your kid up to the height of 5 feet can comfortably sleep inside it without feeling stuck in a sack. The construction of the bag is light and it weighs only 3.8 pounds. Even your children can carry this bag around without any difficulty.

Your kids will be super excited after receiving this soft and comfortable sleeping bag. They can use it for sleepovers or can open it flat on their beds. The bag is going to ensure enough warmth and comfort that is required for a nice sleep. It does not feel heavy for all the added insulation material it has used in its construction.

Additional Features

The additional pillow given along with this sleeping bag is given the same color as that of the interior of the sleeping bag. This enhances the attractiveness of the sleeping bag and makes it more eye-catching among the children. You can also take this travel pillow on a plane with you. This sleeping bag impressively meets the flammability requirements of the US and does not use any harmful flame retardant chemical in its fabrication.


With 12 amazing colors and various remarkable patterns, this Olive Kids Original Sleeping Bag comes at only $38. This is an affordable price considering its high quality built and super soft interior. The long-lasting aspect of the sleeping bag makes this investment worth making. Your kids will love the design, color and coziness of this best kids sleeping bags.

In our kids sleeping bag reviews ‘Olive Kids Original Sleeping Bag’ holds the third place. However, if you’re looking for a budget friendly sleeping bag which doesn’t compromise on quality, you can go for this.

Bottom Line: It is fabricated from a high-quality fabric that promises durability. It does not reek of any chemical and is very hygienic. Last long even after heave duty usage.

4. Wildkin Green Camo Original Sleeping Bag

wildkin green camo original sleeping bag

Fabrication and Durability

This is a vibrantly-colored and beautiful sleeping bag for your kids. They will love it whenever you will ask them for camping mostly because of getting a chance to sleep in. It is fabricated from a durable combination of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. The material filled inside the bag is 100% polyester that ensures perfect warmth for the little kids. No harmful element is used in the fabrication of this bag that promotes its user-friendliness. It is lead-free, phthalate-free, bpa-free and all the other guidelines issued by CPSIA are followed while it was manufactured.

It is non-inflammable, durable and is extraordinarily good for heavy-duty use. The inside of the bag is super soft that allows your kids to snugly curl up after a long play day. Even if your kids like playing rough sometimes, don’t worry. It is machine-washable. However, you must ensure gentle cycle and cold water while washing it and air drying it afterwards.

Dimension and Accommodation

The product dimensions are 66 × 30 × 2 inches. It effortlessly offers an accommodation of 30”W by 66”L. Any kid who is below 5 feet can use it without any uneasiness and trouble getting inside of it. It is very light in weight too and weighs only 4.9 pounds. The durable construction of the bag promises long life and fun for years.

One of the drawbacks with this sleeping bag is its limited use. It is designed for indoor use only. Your kids can use it for sleepovers and living room camp sites. The bag can also be opened flat to use as a mattress on top of the child’s bed because of its enhanced comfort. You must not take it on camping where the terrains are rough and may harm the quality of the bag.

Additional Features

A very convenient carry bag and elastic storage bands are given along with this bag. These things ensure a well-organized and easily accessible product. You can easily carry this lightweight sleeping bag in its sack and transform your kid’s play into an amazing experience. A matching travel pillow is also provided in the package for added comfort. Your kid is going to love the pattern, color and overall look of this wonderful kid’s sleeping bag. The manufacturer also offers a one year warranty on this sleeping bag to further make the deal lucrative.


The price of $45 is great for this high-quality sleeping bag. Although it is not very affordable, it will last for years without showing age and wear. Durability of the bag makes your investment worthwhile. You won’t repent spending this amount for this nice sleeping bag for your kids. It is soft and comfortable on the inside and provides enough room so the user does not feel cramped.

Bottom Line: It is rigorously tested to ensure that all parts are lead-free. Great for living room camp-sites and sleepovers. This sleeping bag keeps kids warm, safe and happy.

5. Melissa & Doug Mollie Sleeping Bag

melissa doug mollie sleeping bag

Fabrication and Durability

If you want your kid to snug cozily inside a comfy and premium sleeping bag, then this is a perfect option for you. Its high quality polyester fabrication is skin-friendly and durable. They are picture-perfect for sleepover camping trips because of their hard-weariness and well-stitched seams. The inside is soft and nicely padded to make sure your kids never feel uneasy. In fact, it is so sturdy that it can be used on a daily basis as favorite play equipment and it won’t show any sign of wear and tear even then.

You can wash it countless times without worrying about any kind of damage and deterioration of the product. Thus, whenever you return from a camping trip, you can wash it to remove dirt and other contaminants. The zippers are flawless and function smoothly. However, the nylon material used in its exterior may cause some kind of noise.

Dimension and Accommodation

The size of this ladybug printed sleeping bag is perfect for even taller kids. Its overall measurements are 6.1 × 9 × 26 inches and thus a kid up to the height of six feet can easily sleep inside this bag. The tall kids will not feel any awkwardness while getting in and out if this amazing and warm sleeping bag. It is also very light comparatively. It only weighs 2.1 pounds that means your kids won’t ask you to carry this bag from one place to another.

It is a cute little, attractively-printed sleeping bag that is lightweight and has plenty of room for effortless accommodation. Apart from its unique pattern, the easy to roll and store design of this bag makes it a popular sleeping bag among small children. They can move inside the bag freely without feeling any restriction due to inside space.

Additional Features

The bag is stuffed with comfy polyester inside that will keep your kids warm even when it is chilly outside. However, there are no additional accessories provided along with this bag. Even when the manufacturer promises a built-in pillow in this bag, it is very likely that you will have to use your personal pillow and would have to pack it too when going for camping trips.


This is another inexpensive sleeping bag that does not compromise on its built quality and user friendliness. It can be purchased by only spending less than $22. It is cheap in only prices and nowhere in its fabrication and durability. It is very durable and would last innumerous trips and indoor sleepovers without giving up easily.

Bottom Line: Perfect for overnights or playing “camping”. Brightly colored and filled with personality with high-quality polyester fill. Moreover, it is 6 feet long sleeping bag.

Best of the Best Kids Sleeping Bag

Wildkin Blue Camo Original Sleeping Bag

High-quality fabrication from premium fabric results into the making of this amazing Wildkin Blue Camo Original Sleeping Bag. From striking color to long-lasting comfort, this is the best kid’s sleeping bag available in the market at present. Hundreds of parents have trusted this well-known brand for this outstanding sleeping bag. Wildkin is always known for its quality and long lasting product.

The polyester and cotton blend that is used in the bag are perfect for soft and plush feeling and to ensure maximum insulation. Although the product is intently devised for indoor uses like sleepovers and living room camping sites, customers have used it inside the tents while camping. It provided enough warmth and comfort that your kids need on such outdoor events.

The price for this bag is a little higher than usual indoor sleeping bags. But considering the level of coziness and easiness the bag provides, it is worth spending these dollars. You will love this product for its durability and sturdiness. And your kids will love it because of its striking color and comfortable interior. So, get them this astounding and heavy-duty sleeping bag. In our kids sleeping bag reviews ‘Wildkin Blue Camo Original Sleeping Bag’ undoubtedly takes the best of the best sleeping bag spot.

Sleeping Bag For Kids

Best Bet For Your Money

Olive Kids Robots Nap Mat

If you want a medium-range and moderate sized sleeping bag for your toddler or kid without spending a lot, then this is actually what you need. This is quite big and comfortable. It has robots designed all over its exterior that is the most attracting feature about this sleeping bag. It is washable and thus remains hygienic even after a constant use.

It is also ideal when you want a sleeping bag for daycares or preschools. Its well-made and comfortable fabrication offers much needed warmth and coziness. The interior is soft and does not hinder the process of getting in and out of the bag. The size of the bag is perfect for kids that are longer than their age. They won’t feel stuck inside a potato sack while sleeping in this spacious sleeping bag.

The lower price of this sleeping bag is not an indication to its cheap quality construction. But this bag is equally good in its quality like some other high-end sleeping bag that comes at a huge price. It will last long and will keep your toddlers warm. The comfort of the bag will also promote their sleeping whilst making it relatively easier to drift off smoothly. In our best kids sleeping bag reviews ‘Olive Kids Robots Nap Mat’ is the best budget friendly sleeping bag.

Best Kids Sleeping Bag review
Best Kids Sleeping Bag review

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