Best Shock Collar For Small Dogs Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks

Best Shock Collar For Small Dogs : The primary device used to restrain dogs during training is the shock collar. Shock collars come in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, shock collars are designed to handle dogs depending on the body mass and the size of the dog. Small dogs are restrained mostly using a special shock collar known as the Petiner Harmless No-Bark Dog Training Collar. The types of shock collars are categorized depending on their price tag and the amount of electric shock and vibration produced. As such, this article pays attention to five best shock collars that are highly preferred when training dogs.

Best Shock Collar For Small Dogs Reviews

Best Shock Collar Shopping Guide

As a dog owner, there are several features to check to ensure you purchase the best shock collar. The precision are not limited to the prices, the amount of electric charge and vibrations produced, and the durability of the shock collar. It should be noted that the best shock collars are light in weight and produce safe but irritating vibrations. Moreover, the electric charge generated should not harm the dog.

Types of shock collar for small dogs

There are three primary sets of shock collars that are used for training and restraining dogs with different behaviors.

Boundary collars

The collar is designed to suit on small dogs that are extra active. Once placed on the neck, the boundary shock collar vibrates or produces an electric charge when the dog trespasses its confined territory. With such, the boundary collar helps in controlling mating, disease infections, and for training purposes among other reasons.

Remote controlled collars

A remote-controlled collar works the same way as the boundary controlled collar, but the difference is that the charge produced is remote controlled. As such, the remote-controlled collar calls for the dog owner to keep an eye on the dog’s movement.

Bark shock collars

As the name suggests, the bark shock collar generates electric charges once the dog barks. The shock collar is mostly preferred on small dogs that are considered energetic and happy.

The five best shock collars were choose based on the current trends of humane canine behavioral modification. Therefore, the five best shock collars for dogs include SportDOG, PetSafe, DogWidgets, Epica, and Petiner.

Best Shock Collar Comparison

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer SD-4254.8$$$$Check Price
PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Trainer
4.6$$$Check Price
DogWidgets DW-3 Electronic E-Collar4.2$$Check Price
Epica Remote Dog Training Collar for 2 Dogs4.5$$$Check Price
Petiner Harmless NO Bark Training Collars4.4$$$$Check Price


Construction and design

The section analyzes the factors considered when choosing a dog training formation. Therefore, shock collars that are fully waterproof are used in the fields. Shock collars that are water resistant and partially waterproof are designed for indoor activities. The section also considers a broad scope of ideas that are not limited to dog breeds, size, durability, and ease of use of the shock collars.


Range defines the mechanism employed in transmission and reception of charges between the dog, the shock collar to be used, and the remote. The range of use is determined by the social orientation of the dog. Small dogs, therefore, use shock collars with short range. Hunting dogs, on the other hand, require shock collars with a longer range. Preferably a shock collar that is fully waterproof. Notably, dogs with wild and canine behavior require shock collar machines with high vibrations and longer range. Such, shock collars are however more expensive as compare to the ones used on small dogs.

Additional features

Our research team recorded satisfactory results regarding the technicality of additional features on the shock collars. For instance, during interaction with the customers, our research team noted that some shock collars have custom-made corrective measures save from the electric shocks. Additionally, other collars are designed to accommodate more than one dog per training hence considered economical for multiple pets. What is more, is that our research team is determined to shade light on any new discoveries.


Our competitors advocate for selling of shock collars based on price range. However, our team is of a different opinion as it urges our buyers to first consider their dog’s behavior before purchasing the shock collars. The model supports the idea that small dogs which are mostly found indoors use shock collars that are less expensive as compared to hunting dogs. Also, some shock collars generate more electric shocks which are considered harmful to small breeds. Therefore, when purchasing a best shock collar, the dog safety and comfort should be of significant value. Note that the idea behind using a best shock collar is to rehabilitate the pet and not to punish.

 Products we considered 

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer SD-425

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer 425

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer SD-425 has the largest yard range of approximately 500. With the large range, the collar can be used to rehabilitate and train heavy breeds of dogs in the field. However, our research team indicates that the shock collar can be used to train and rehabilitate small dogs indoors. When used on small dogs, the SportDOG SD-425 shock collar prevents behaviour such as jumping and intensive barking. Subsequently, when employed on heavy breeds in the fields, care should be taken on invisible fences to avoid confusing the dogs.

PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Trainer

PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Trainer

PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Trainer has the training range of the shock collar to be 400 yards. Additionally, some of our customers have been seen reporting increased performance when using the PetSafe Yard and Park collar. Additionally, interview with some of the buyers elucidated that some of them rarely allow their dogs to move than a hundred feet when in public gathering. As such, the effectiveness of the shock collar is rarely identified. The shock collar is preferred on indoors activities such as jumping on furniture. The PetSafe Yard and Park collar trainer can also be used in the fields, but care should be taken to switch off any available electric fences. Even when the dog is not in sight or behind buildings, the remote transmits signals to the collar, and the electric shocks and the vibrations rehabilitate the dog.

DogWidgets DW-3 Electronic E-Collar

Dogwidgets DW-3 Rechargeable Electronic E-Collar

The DW-3 shock collar has an estimated range of 600 feet. The range is only suitable for dogs in indoor activities. The collar is designed to allow the dog owner to administer correction during the process of disturbance. Further, when training the dog, ensure to apply vibration and shock when bad behavior manifests. The shock has a calibrated remote of seven levels. However, it should be known that the numbering does not reflect the intensity of electric shock generated. Additionally, the shock collar has a guideline that enables the dog owner to understand the importance of the seven calibrations. The numbering avoids causing injuries to the pet.

Epica Remote Dog Training Collar

Epica Remote Dog Training Collar Shock

Epica Remote Dog Training Collar has a range of 1000 feet hence considered effective for indoor training and use on dogs while in public parks. As such, the reduced range of operation limits outdoor dog trainers from using the shock collar. To avoid confusion during training, available electric fences should be switched. Its use in the backyard has resulted in a mixed reaction. Most of the users say the Epica shock collar produces good results when correcting and training dogs. On the other hand, some are of the opinion that Epica its use at times fail to be effective when the dog is behind obstacles such as buildings. Additionally, the collar has an adjusted receiver which can be fitted on small or larger dogs. However, the high electronic shocks render it unsuitable for use on small dogs.

Petiner Harmless NO Bark Training Collars

Petrainer Dog Shock Collar

Petiner Harmless NO Bark Training Collars is customized to operate on a small range of feet. As such, it is highly preferred on small dogs. The collar has a small microphone that is sensitive to the dog’s barks. When the barks increase, the Petiner shock automatically adjusts itself and sends transmissions to the receiver thus generating electric shock and vibration. The shocks and vibrations progressively correct the dog. However, some of our customers had a concern regarding Petiner’s sensitivity to the dogs breathing and shaking. One of the customers said that “the breathing and shaking act as a default and makes the Petiner shock the dog. As such, most of my dogs are injured and look unhealthy.”

 Additional features 

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer SD-425

Amid the five best shock collars, the SportDOG SD-425 shock collar is the best collar with a DVD that acts as a guideline. The DVD has instruction in simple language allowing the dog owner or trainer to understand how to make use of the shock collar to his or her benefit and for the dog. Additionally, the collar has three stages of the rehabilitative mechanism. First, a beep or sonic tone rectifies mild bad behavior. Secondly, a vibration corrects immediate actions, and the seven-calibrated stage restores back to the normally wild and major bad habits. Recently, one of our customers said that she uses her SD-425 shock collar vibration to warn his dogs that an electric shock of significant charge will be administered.

PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Trainer

The PetSafe Yard and Park, the shock collar trainer, has a customized meter as an additional feature. The meter serves several functions which are not limited to checking the battery life per charge, the intensity of the electronic charge, and the magnitude of the bark by the dog. Furthermore, the collar has eight shock levels that reflect the intensity of the electric shock generated. The collar is easy to use as it comes with a printed paper manual.

DogWidgets DW-3Electronic E-Collar

The DodWidgets DW-3 has some additional features. He features include shock collar with rechargeable batteries, transmitter unit, AC and USB data cables, and some sets of electronic probes. The presence of rubber probes transmits high magnitude vibrations to the dog hence correcting the bad behavior. Moreover, small dogs have specific little metal prongs that transmit the electric waves. Importantly, our researchers indicated that when using the DogWidget DW-3 shock collar, the contact between the dog’s skin and the collar should be checked to avoid injuries. As such, trimming hairs around the body section helps a lot. As a control measure, our research team advocates for the use of low magnitude electric shocks and inclusion of tester bulb to check current flow.

Epica Remote Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs

The Epica shock collar has a unique additional feature. The availability of two collar receivers allows the dog trainer or dog owner to correct two dogs at the same time Notably; the collar has a switch and remote that allows correction of one dog without harming the other. What is more is that the collar has an auto-sleep feature that conserves batteries when the dogs are not disturbing. Also, the shock collar has adjusted probes that can work well with dogs at both indoors and in the fields. To avoid injuries, the probes are covered with rubber during training.

Petiner Harmless No Bark Dog Training Collars

Our research team explains that the Petiner Advance No Bark collar has less additional features. Some of the features include a full owner’s manual. Regarding the receiver, the collar has a 6-Volt rechargeable battery that ensures a continuous supply of electric shocks when the dogs are hyperactive. When the dog is at rest, the trainer switches off the remote to conserve the batteries. Out of the five considered shock collar, Petiner collar is highly preferred to rehabilitating wild, and dogs with bad behaviors as the electric shocks are less painful.


SportDOG Brand Field Trainer SD-425

The collar fetches a market price of $169 hence considered one of the highest best shock collars in our store. Additionally, the SportDOG SD-425 is amid the easiest to use and multifunctional collar. Further, with the inclusion of an extra collar receiver, the SportDOG SD-425 can accommodate up to seven dogs during training. Its waterproof capability renders it safe to use in the fields during training and hunting. The collar has flexible probes that allow its use on small dogs.

PetSafe Yard and Park Dog Trainer

Purchasing the brand calls for serious investors in the dog training industry. The PetSafe Yard and Park training shock collar go for a price of $139. The flexible probe allows its use on small dogs. However, some of our customers reported that the shock collar is more of a leash-less walking trainer as opposed to the bad behavior modification. Additionally, the collar can be used on a wide of range, approximately 400 yards. The entry of PetSafe Yard and Park into the market rendered other collars that fetch low prices incompetent, due to the efficiency and ease to use.

DogWidgets DW-3 Electronic E-Collar

The DogWidgets DW-3 is a tough piece of clothing, plastic, and leather used for training dogs. The collar goes for only $49. The DW-3 has a high electronic shock magnitude hence when used the trainer should be keen to avoid injuring the dogs. The 600 feet range confines the collar for indoor training. Interestingly, some of our customers use the DW-3 shock collar like a leash device in backyards. Notably, the DogWidget DW-3 has an additional higher-end training system such as shock levels. The additional features dictate the degree of electrocution.

Epica Remote Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs

Regarding investment and durability, researchers approve the Epica dog shock collar. The collar goes for an affordable price of $124. The price might be slightly higher, but it is worth the hustle. This is because it comes with two remotes and is a higher-end system device. Its high capacity to be used indoors at home backyards due to the mild shocks produced makes its suitable for small dogs.

Petiner Harmless No Bark Dog Training Collars

The Petiner Advance No Bark Dog training collar fetches relatively low prices in the market. Therefore, it is considered an alternative when purchasing the best shock collars. The relatively low electronic shocks and the price tag makes the collar medically certified and pocket-friendly. Subsequently, the operation mechanism of the Petiner is designed to control the behavioral trait of the dog without interfering with its natural barking. As such, our researchers have proved that the use of the Petiner collar is more of a good rehabilitation device as opposed to a correcting device.

 Best Of The Best Shock Collar 

SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer SD-425

Amid the five best shock collars, SportDOG SD-425 dog training collar is a highly preferred rehabilitation device due to its efficiency in transmitting electronic charges even when the dog is between obstacles like buildings. Additionally, regarding correcting the behavior of the dog, the SportDOG SD-425 has an extensive collar range of approximately 500 yards hence can be used the backyard and the fields.

Furthermore, we brand the collar as the best of the best shock collar, because it is fully waterproof and has outstanding features both indoors and in the fields.

Moreover, as an outstanding collar, the SportDOG SD-425 training collar is designed to administer shocks only if the sonic and vibrations fail. Also, when the dog becomes used to the mild shocks, the SportDOG SD-425 is adjusted to increase the magnitude of the electric shock. As such, the dog often associates the great electronic shocks as a response mechanism to the defiant act. Such operations have seen the collar realizing its ultimate goal in training and rehabilitating dogs.

Best Shock Collar For Small Dogs Reviews

Best Bang For Your Buck 

Petiner Harmless NO Bark Dog Training Collars

The Petiner is declared the best bang for your buck because of its capability to economically offer humane rehabilitation to canine behavior in dogs. Additionally, its low price and high performance regarding the transmission of electronic shocks renders it the best bang for your buck.

The manufacturers of the Petiner Collar are human enough to understand that a dog does not deserve being electrocuted. Rather it should be warned with the inclusion of mechanism such as the sonic beeps. Moreover, our research team is of the opinion that correcting a dog with the use of sounds and signs serves a whole purpose.

Best Shock Collar


The breed and job-orientation of the dog determine the type of shock collar to be used. Big and heavy breeds of dogs are suitable for the Epica Remote Training Collar because of the high vibrations and charges. On the other hand, small dogs need to restrain with best shock collar such as the Petiner Harmless Training Collar. The reason alludes to the mild to medium vibrations and electric charges generated. Further, the price tag for each the best shock collar determines the purchasing power and the use of the shock collar. Dog owners with small dogs mostly settle for shock collars that are less cheap as compared to owners with big breeds of dogs.

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