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Best Sleeping Bag Reviews 2018
Best Sleeping Bag Reviews

Sleeping bags is one of the most basic camping needs. It can also be used in the home when the temperature drops at nights. A sleeping bag can keep you warm and toasty during chilly nights. It will provide you enough comfort needed for a sound sleep. However, your sleeping bag should be of high-quality to give you that comfort.

To help you choose the best sleeping bag, we’ve created this sleeping bag reviews. It is better to take time and purchase a remarkable sleeping bag for your trip. These sleeping bag reviews cover each and every specific detail about the product that you must be looking for while buying them.

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Top 5 Best Sleeping Bag Reviews

1. TETON Sports Celsius XXL- 18C/OF Sleeping Bag

Fabrication and durability

Best Sleeping BagThis is undoubtedly one of the best sleeping bags because of its double layer offset construction. Such type of design considerably minimizes fill compression for enhanced comfort. It also traps more air and results in a warmer interior even on cold seasons. The outside of the bag features high-quality polyester for ensuring longevity of the product. The interior on the other side features 100% brushed poly flannel lining.

The bag has also included taffeta shell which is very durable and withstand years of use impressively. There are two right and left hand zippers that let you zip the bag together. The bag has utilized SuperLoft Elite 4-channel hollow fiber insulation for achieving proper warmth. Overall, it is a comfortable and very cozy sleeping bag that will serve as the best companion to you on every camping trip you plan.

Dimension and Accommodation

If you are tired of squeezing into a small sized sleeping bag on your outings, then the big size of 90 × 39 × 3.9 inches is an ideal option to consider. This is an oversized bag that has a huge accommodation capacity like a twin size bed. It will only be an inch narrower than such beds. The bag may sit on a little heavier side when compared to some other sleeping bag listed here. But 7 pounds is not very heavy and thus one can easily pack this for their remarkable trips.

The bag is super good in maintaining an ideal temperature inside even when it is lower than 10˚C outside. It is roomy enough to let a man with the height of around 6 ft. 5 in tall sleep inside comfortably. You won’t feel like sleeping in a potato sack that is tight up to your arm pits.

Additional Features

This sleeping bag is so amazing because there are various additional features packed in this product. Like some expensive and high-end sleeping bag, this bag too comes with bells and whistles. There are shoulder and zipper baffles, interior storage pockets for keeping keys, wallet and other small items and adjustable mummy hood. All these additions are a plus factor to this bag. Moreover, there is a well-made stuff sack also available with this sleeping bag. The sack has drawstring, compression buckles and straps that allow you to easily roll your bag and carry it without any difficulty.


The price for this bag is quite high but not much as seen with some very high-end bags. It is reasonable available at a price of $68. And considering all the additional features it comes with, it is a great buy. It is a sturdy, durable and super comfortable sleeping bag. You will have no trouble getting in and out of this astounding bag. However, it is not machine-washable as it can cause the fill to lose its insulating factor. Instead you can use an anti-microbial spray after letting the air out.

Bottom Line: This is a roomy, plush and highly comfortable sleeping bag. The additional features of the bag make it more exciting and helpful.

2. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

Fabrication and DurabilitySleeping Bag Reviews

This weather sleeping bag from Coleman is made up of 100% polyester and is also filled with polyester. Around 60 ounces of Coletherm insulation that is utilized in the inside of this bag is highly efficient in ensuring a comfortable temperature down to 15˚F. The design also includes semi sculpted hood which surrounds your head to keep it warm. There is an insulated chest baffle for retaining the necessary heat inside the bag. It gives you enough warmth and ideal temperature even on the cold days.

There is an innovative ComfortSmart technology incorporated into the construction of this bag which has made it durable and comfortable sleeping bag. This is a high-quality product that is going to keep you warm for numerous camping trips.

Dimension and Accommodation

17.1 × 12.3 × 12 inches is the overall length and breadth of this sleeping bag which is good enough for diehard campers. The roomy interior measures 32 by 82 inches and thus most people up to the height of 6’2” can sleep inside it without any uneasiness. The bag is also 1.4 ounces in weight and that is not too much. It can be carried along easily on any trip you plan.

It easily rolls down to a cylinder measuring only 20 inches long and 10 inches in diameter. May be the bulkiness of this bag dissuades you from carrying it to backpacking. But if you are someone who camps near your car or truck, this will be an ideal choice.

Additional Features

This amazing sleeping bag has all the features that you may expect from a sleeping bag. It features double batt and offset quilt construction that prevents cold spots. There is a stuff sack included in the package as well for making its packing and carrying effortless. It perfectly folds to its original size and fits inside the bag without any hassles. A limited warranty of five years from the manufacturer makes certain that it is a high-quality and heavy-duty sleeping bag.


This fully loaded 0˚ mummy bag is available at a previously unheard price of $52. It is extremely good at its job of keeping you warm even on the coldest nights. It is great and provides a high level of comfort to anyone who is camping near their vehicle. Not a good choice for backpackers.

Bottom Line: This is a decent sleeping bag with great comfort and enough room inside. It ensure warmth even when the temperature outside is very low.

3. Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag

Fabrication and DurabilityBest Sleeping Bags

This is one of the best sleeping bags that are fabricated from 100% polyester that is filled inside with 100% cotton. The polyester cover with soft tricot liner is very durably and comfortably constructed. It is designed as such to work perfectly as a three-season sleeping bag. Thus, it is ideal for cool weather camping as well. The three pounds of ColeTherm insulation that is used inside this bag is good enough to keep you comfortable. It can maintain an optimal temperature down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit effortlessly.

This Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag is completely machine-washable and thus you can wash it whenever it seems muddy. This makes sure that the sleeping bag remains dirt-free and hygienic after your outings. The polyester featured in the exteriors is weather-resistant and thus lasts for a long time. This is a heavy-duty and long-lasting sleeping bag.

Dimension and Accommodation

The overall dimension of this sleeping bag is 16.9 × 10 × 16.9 inches. Basically it measures 33 by 75 inches (W×D). Because 75 inches means 6 feet 3 inches, this sleeping bag can easily accommodate a camper taller than 6 feet. The bag is also very light in weight and weighs only 3.5 pounds. So, you can easily carry it along with you on your backpacking or outing trips.

It is pretty comfortable, thick and nice. The color is also very eye-catching but not flamboyant so it appears muted red and not over bright on the eyes. The inside is very cozy and will keep you warm even on the cold mountains. However, it is not lined inside and may bother someone with rough skin or nails. To prevent that you can moisturize properly before getting into the bag.

Additional Features

The sleeping bag comes with a carry bag. You can effortlessly stow your bag into the storage bag and take it on your trips. The sleeping bag is compact and plush. It fits nicely into its carry bag without much ado. To make the overall deal more lucrative, the sleeping bag comes with a limited five year’s manufacturer warranty. Such a long warranty ensures that the bag features a high-quality construction and would last for several trips.


This is the budget priced sleeping bag and comes only at an affordable price of $30. You would really enjoy having this bag as a part of your trips because of all the comfort and warmth it provides. The brand of this sleeping bag is also renowned and is known for its premium quality products.

Bottom Line: This is an inexpensive, premium quality and very comfortable sleeping bag that is good for all your backpacking trips.

4. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows and a Carrying Bag

Fabrication and DurabilityBest Sleeping Bag Review

A high-quality and waterproof 210T polyester shell and T/C lining is used to fabricate the exterior and interior of this sleeping bag respectively. The inside of the bag is filled with 300G/M2 3D cotton filling. The inside of the bag is soft, warm and plush and keeps the camper extremely comfortable. It has a unique and very practicable design where two individual sleeping bags can be zipped together or used separately. Thus, whether you want to sleep in alone or with your partner, you can do it easily.

The zippers featured on both the sides also make sure that you get easy entry and exits whenever you want during the nights. The sleeping bag is also machine-washable but only with cold water. The seams may not feel sturdy and you would also need to pay attention while zipping it up. Otherwise the thin fabric may get caught in the zipper.

Dimension and Accommodation

The dimension of this sleeping bag is 18.9 × 11.8 × 11.8 inches. It weighs around 6 pounds. The comfortable temperature reached inside the bag is between 0˚-10˚C whereas the limit temperature for this bag is -5˚C.

It is a light and thin sleeping bag. But its thinness doesn’t affect its warmth and comfort. You will not need additional blankets when you are inside this bag. It is easy to carry and transport which makes its lightweight a plus factor for the bag. You can effortlessly roll it up and put it away for easily carrying it along on your trips. It is also roomy enough and is almost the same size as that of a queen size bed. However, it is very thin and you must put a mat or something beneath it to not feel the things you are laying on.

Additional Features

The bag comes with a carrying bag which makes the transportation super easy. There are straps to compress it down which also saves room when travelling. You can effortlessly roll the bag and slide it back into the bag. There are two pillows shipped along with this sleeping bag too. The pillows compress quite well and fit into the bag nicely.


The price for this amazing sleeping bag is $55. It is a mid-range sleeping bag that easily fits your budget. Even though it is thin and not very sturdy, it is a high quality, warm bag. The color, additional bonuses and everything make this bag worth buying for your next outing. It will ensure warmth and coziness even when you are backpacking in some of the cooler areas of the mountains.

Bottom Line: A warm, lightweight and a comfortable sleeping bag packed with several additional features.

5. OuterEQ Camping Sleeping Bag

Fabrication and Durability

Sleeping Bags Reviews

This is the best and premium quality sleeping bag from Coleman. It is a highly durable product fabricated from polyester cover and filled with cotton insulation. The inside of the bag is also soft cotton liner for further enhancing the level of comfort when you are sleeping inside it. It is light, affordable, warm and comfortable. It will keep you relaxed even when the temperature is ranging between 9-15 degrees Celsius. The bag is also machine-washable and so the necessary washing for ensuring proper hygiene can also be performed with ease.

The premium quality material used in the fabrication for this sleeping bag makes it durable and hard-wearing. It will last for several years without showing any age and wear. It is ultra-portable and thus an ideal option to carry along.

Dimension and Accommodation

Basically, the dimension for this sleeping bag is 10.8 × 6.6 × 5.5 inches which is good enough for youths, young or growing children. The room inside the bag where one can easily accommodate is 30 by 75 inches. Most of the campers up to the height of 5 feet, 11 inches can sleep inside it comfortably. Apart from young children, the bag is also great for women campers. It has a very lightweight of around 1.5 pounds which is the lowest and hence ensures easy transportation.

It is also very compact and therefore gets inside the carrying sack easily. You can simply put it into your duffle while travelling. It is great for all the seasons like summer, fall and spring. It will keep the camper warm and cozy. You can also buy this ultra-light sleeping bag even when you are staying inside a rustic cabin.

Additional Features

The carry bag provided along with this sleeping bag is also very light. The carry bag is small in size and is only about one foot by half foot. There is a light brown strapping featured on the carry bag for easily stowing away the product. It is tiny and impressively lightweight. It doesn’t feel puffy and makes the product a great buy.


This colorful sleeping bag is available in five vibrant color options. It is affordable and comes at a reasonable price of $28. It is a great sleeping bag for youths and women. Even men can buy this if they want. It is easy to curl inside the bag when it gets cold outside. It is spacious and has a high level of comfort while sleeping inside.

Bottom Line: You would love its super lightweight construction, low price and amazing roomy interior.

Best of the Best Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Celsius XXL- 18C/OF Sleeping Bag

This is unquestionably the best sleeping bag because of all the remarkable features it has. The double offset construction of this bag is its main advantage that promises warmth and coziness. The inside of the bag is lined for added comfort that promotes sound sleep. The dimensions of this bag are also great and even the tallest of campers can accommodate themselves with a relative ease. The bag can also be interlocked with another bag for enhancing the sleeping area inside.

There are separate pockets for securely keeping your small items like a key and other such stuff. The bag comes along with a stuff sack where it can be rolled up and packed easily for transportation. It is light in weight and has a nice temperature rating. It works impressively even on the coolest of nights when the temperature is unusually low.

You would cherish the durable and sturdy built of this bag for several years. Moreover, it ensures easy access inside and outside during midnights without any trouble. This is the best of the best sleeping bag. Its additional features and the quality build materials make the investment worthwhile. In our sleeping bag reviews, we rate this as the best of the best sleeping bags.

Best of best sleeping bag

Best Sleeping Bag – Budget Pick

Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for a budget priced sleeping bag that doesn’t compromise on its built quality, then this is an ideal option for you. This sleeping bag is reasonable priced and promises years of camping. It is lightweight and comfortable. The exterior is polyester with proper insulation that you need during cold nights. However, the interior is not lined and you may need to moisturize yourself well before getting inside. Otherwise, the edges of your chipped nails or rough skin may get stuck to the interior.

It ensures enough warmth and comfort that one needs on camping trips. It also comes with a long warranty of five years. This is a proof for its heavy-duty and hard-wearing construction. The bag features vibrant red color which is very attractive and complimentary to the greenery of surrounding.

This is an inexpensive yet high-quality sleeping bag that is never going to disappoint you. The interior of the bag is roomy and allows the camper to sleep properly without feeling stuck in some small space. It comes with a carry bag and allows easy transportation because of the sack and its lightweight built. Coleman is always known for its premium products and thus this sleeping bag from this brand is a great choice for any enthusiastic camper. Overall, it is a great product for your money. In our best sleeping bag reviews, we rate this as the best bet for your money.

Best Sleeping Bag For your Money
Best Sleeping Bag Reviews

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