Best Small Rice Cooker Reviews: A Guide To Choose a Good Small Cooker

Best Small Rice Cooker Reviews: A small rice cooker has become very popular in recent times. Considering it can cook just on three to four cups of rice, it saves not only time but also the space needed. Owning the right size, rice cooker, which is both space-saving as well as cost efficient. So instead of venturing into different stores, we believe a little research could help you find the best small rice cooker.

best small rice cooker Review

Best Small Rice Cooker Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks

1. Cuckoo Rice Cooker

best small rice cooker Review

This rice cooker built in Korea is one of the most efficient and quality rice cooker. It has a functionality through which you can set the controls of cooking and walk away. It consists of cooking modes where you can select the type of rice you’d wish to cook, like white rice or brown rice. This cooker also acts as a steamer and can help you make the perfect fish or even vegetables. Also, the cooker also has a fast cooking mode which accelerates the cooking speed and helps you save time.

2. Panasonic SR Automatic Best Small Rice Cooker

best small rice cooker

If you live alone and need to cook very less food, this should be the one for you. This rice cooker automatically cooks for the right amount of time and shuts down to produce excellent quality of food. This rice cooker comes with a non-stick bowl, an auto shut-off switch, a tempered glass see-through lid, and an indicator light. It is also very durable and can last for years. The disadvantages would be that it does not cook brown rice well and it does not have a ‘keep warm’ mode. Otherwise, this is a great basic cooker.

3. Oster Rice cooker with Steaming-Tray, Red

best small rice cookers

If you have a lower budget and you wish to buy a good quality rice cooker, this should be your target. Oster prepares a variety of food ranging from rice, soup, fondue and more. From 3 cups of rice, it has the capability to generate 6 cups of rice. It consists of a 1-liter steaming tray and automatic features such as auto shut-off, warm function, and a power-on indicator light. However, it has no timer. It automatically senses when the food is cooked, and then switches to “warmer” mode. There is only one control which is a switch that goes from “cook” to “warmer.”

4. Zojirushi NHS Best Small Rice Cooker

best small rice cookers Reviews

With an ease of use and a single switch control, this cooker has been a favorite for many customers over the years. The cooker comes with a spatula, measuring cup, and steaming tray. Manufactured in Japan, it has a keep-warm technology and stay-cool handles on the cooker’s side so that it can be moved around easily. While using it, you should also consider certain other things. Follow the ratio guide on the rice box and not on the manual. You should also fluff the rice when you are done with the cooking and then steam it more on the “Keep Warm” setting. If you do not fluff the rice, it might turn a little brown on the bottom.

5. Cuisinart CRC-400 Rice-Cooker

best small rice cooker reviews

A rating of 4-stars out of five, Cuisinart has the best small rice cooker reviews. This cooker has been built in North America and steams rice, meats, as well as vegetables. It is square and finished in brushed-stainless-steel. This cooker comes with a glass lid, stainless-steel steaming basket, measuring cup, and paddle. However, to find the best results out of this product, you should follow certain usage instructions. When cooking rice, make sure to use the steam-tray as your cover to ensure that you do not have any spill over.

It is time for you now to weigh your choices and find out which might be the best for you. The things that you should keep in mind would be the quality, design, cost, and features of the best small rice cooker. Each of these cookers come with different customization based on these four broad genres and remain completely different from each other in their way. So, for a better utilization of kitchen space and a need for saving more time for yourself, a rice cooker would benefit you in some ways.

best small rice cooker Review

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