Best Wireless Speakers For Your Home And Travel

There are a variety of wireless speakers available in the market which gives the best quality sounds. These speakers can be connected to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. It could be a single speaker, multi-speaker or a portable speaker that can be used while commuting. The choices are galore, and some of the best wireless speakers in the market are

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Ultimate Ears Roll 2

The UE Roll was a superb quality speaker and the Roll 2 sounds even better. This is a Bluetooth speaker that works well while on the go. The sound is 155 louder than its predecessor and is waterproof and shockproof. It can be attached to a backpack, bikes, canoe or any other device. The speaker gives out loud sounds with clarity and smoothness.

Audio Pro Addon T3

This wireless speaker was the product of the year in 2015 awards. It gives full-blast sounds which are well balanced. The build is flawless and classy. The resolution and frequency of the sounds are well-balanced at even the highest sounds. The speaker is robust in build but can be carried around for powerful effects. The battery lasts for 30 hours, and the handle is comfortable to carry around.


This is an elegant looking device with a fine finish and strong structure. The KEF Mou has an outer body in aluminum that eliminates excess vibrations. The grill design makes it aesthetically appealing, and the speaker looks like a sleeping hourglass. It has a Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX for a range of 10 meters. Pairing is done using NFC connection, and the battery has a 12-hour life. The Mou is not a waterproof device. The sound clarity of the speaker is perfect.

Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+

The Geneva Model S is a wireless speaker that has been designed with precision. It is one of the few speakers in the market that gives out hi-fi sounds. The device features Bluetooth technology, DAB and FM tuners, and can even be mantled on a stand. The pricing of the product is competitive, and the sound is extremely clear with a great level of detail. The setting can be geared to 3.5mm auxiliary input for a remarkable sound quality. The Model S is sleek and has a glossy finish in white, black and red. The controls are operated by touch-sensitive technology and they glow in red.

Sonos Play: 5

The Play: 5 has been designed with detail and gives out better sound effects from its predecessors. The Play: 5 has a sleek modern look of the digital age and has been oriented in three ways from its earlier versions. The device in now thicker in width and the bass support is on the rear. The bass is now deeper, and the port has gone, replacing it with a sealed frame. The physical buttons have been replaced by touch technology. The Sonos app is user-friendly and gives easy instructions for set-up and installation. The controlling of the device is mainly with the app.

Geneva Aerosphere Large

The Large speaker from Geneva is 40 cm tall and wide. The exterior body comes in black, red or white. It is equipped with two tweeters of 2.5 each, one sub-woofer of 15 cm, and two 10 cm woofers, all of which have amplifiers. The Aerosphere can be connected using Airplay, DLNA, and aptX Bluetooth. It comes with a remote-control device, and a LED light behind the logo directs the user while installation. The bass, treble, DSP can all be adjusted manually. DLNA devices cannot be accessed from the Geneva Large. The sound system of this speaker is of exceptional quality, breaking barriers of a wireless device and giving out sound qualities of the finest detail and power.

Naim Mu-so

The MU-so is a sleek and smart design with hi-fi sound capabilities. The body is made of MDF and layered with aluminum on top. The LED lights at the side, the mirrored base, and the Naim badge make the device look stunning. The dial also serves as the interface for the touch screen. The standard black grill can be changed to red, blue, and orange, at extra costs. The remote or the app can be used to control the speaker. The power of the speaker is amazing, and the sense of rhythm, scale, and the bass is unmatched. The internet stations can be heard clearly, and the charging is also robust.

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