Glass Hummingbird Feeders – What & Why?

In these times of cruel technology when every other invention is against the code of humanity, some kind souls somehow manage to develop something selfless and kind. A thing that does not benefit your selfish needs in any way, but only gives you mere satisfaction and a glimpse of the wonders on the earth. And not further philosophizing this; let us inform you that we are talking about glass hummingbird feeders, a magnificent thing for a wonderful creature.


Invented in the 1950s in the MIT laboratory, hummingbird feeders are like a hanging case in which you can store nectar (an artificial one, obviously) for the hummingbirds. They are designed to be very attractive so that those beautiful birds could not resist themselves and get dragged instead. They usually come in 2 types – glass and plastic. But mostly, glass hummingbird feeders are preferred since they are wonderful, and also more clean and safe. Glass feeders not only provide food for the birds but beautify your backyard or balcony in a way nothing else can.

Hummingbirds are one of the most curious creatures on the planet. They are beautiful and sweet. And some say they are highly intelligent. But they have a super fast metabolism, which means they have always to feed themselves. Sometimes, after every 20 minutes. These hummingbird feeders provide the birds with the nectar in a very safe and natural way.

The glass hummingbird feeders consist of many parts to make them more efficient, safe and durable. Following are those parts.

HANGING CAP/LID – Hummingbird feeders are usually hanged instead of just being put down. This makes them more noticeable and also makes it easier for birds to feed themselves. Hanging lids/caps is the top most part and has to be the strongest one. If damaged or lost, you can easily buy another one as many of them are available on Amazon.

GLASS NECTOR CONTAINER – This is usually the largest part since it has to carry nectar for the birds. They require special care and needs to be cleansed regularly.

FEEDER FLOWERS – They can be of plastic or glass. They are the artificial flowers which are directly connected to the nectar container. It is from these flowers the birds suck up the nectar, precisely the way they do it with natural flowers. They are very bright and delicate and are easily available online.

BASE – The base is an active part as well since it is burdened by the entire feeder. In many glass hummingbird feeders, it is the base that catches the bugs or ants attracted by the sweet water.


Glass Hummingbird Feeders come in many beautiful designs by many companies. Here is a list of the top 5. Take your pick.

1. PERKY PER 209B GLASS FEEDER – This one is the most loved hummingbird feeder. It has a very classy look and can store up to 30oz of nectar.

2. FIRST NATURE 3090 FLOWER FEEDER – Bright red in color, this one can store up to 32oz of nectar. It has a large basin which makes it very easier to clean and refill. But the best part about it is the moat at its base which collects any unwanted bugs or ants. Your hummingbird and their food are safe.

3. BEST-1 HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER – It is probably the most beautiful of them all with its charming red pattern and eight feeding portals. You can’t go wrong with this.

4. ASPECTS 407 JEWEL BOX WINDOW FEEDER – It is beautiful, one of the best, with any moat, and 80oz of nectar holding capacity. And this one can be enjoyed at the window.

5. PARASOL BLOOMPAQ BLOOM PERCH HUMMINGBIRD FEEDER AQAU – A gorgeous blue feeder, it is easy to refill and clean. Also, it is strategically designed to keep the bugs away. This one is a blessing to the hummingbirds and your garden.

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