Sommer Garage Door Opener Reviews – The Good & Bad

With the latest technologies, you do not have to use all your strength to pull up garage doors anymore. The technologies have improved so much that you could simply use a button to open a garage. Now we have advanced even more to develop remote sensing garage openers and smartphone controllers. Your smartphone controller garage opener will help you look over or just do anything with your garage from almost any part of the world you might travel.

Sommer Garage Door Opener Review

Sommer Garage Door Opener Reviews – Our Take

1. Excellent Hardware

Sommer Garage Door Opener Reviews Hardware

The best garage door openers come with the most strong and durable hardware. The SOMMER hp is no different. Unlike other common garage door openers which use a chain that mostly creates a lot of noise or a belt or screw, this garage door opener comes with only one moving part. It uses its powerful 3/4 hp motor to help the door glide silently along the chain which is in turn embedded on a sturdy and strong steel rail. The opening of this door creates no unnecessary noise or any vibrations which are common of most garage openers. To sum it up this SOMMER hp garage door opener comes with a noise free, powerful, and smooth hardware which makes it quite different from garage door openers in the market.

2. Great Security measures

Sommer Garage Door Opener Reviews Design

Security is very important in a garage since it not only safeguards your vehicles but also everything that you wish to keep in your garage. Imagine you could know everything about what happens minute to minute in your garage and never have to worry about the security of your garage once you are out traveling somewhere. This is possible through this garage door opener.

This garage door opener allows you to monitor your garage door sitting anywhere. It does not require a key to open the garage. Therefore you need not worry about losing your key or the chances of criminal activity by the duplication of your key. You could open, close, share access or even check your garage during any time of the day simply through your smartphone. The app comes with directed radio signals and access codes to prevent any theft. It gives you the complete power to provide absolute security to your garage.

3. An amazing technology with warranty

Sommer Garage Door Opener Reviews Hardware Apps

With technical advancements in the past years, the technology behind every item is probably the most important thing to be aware of. The SOMMER hp comes with an extremely smooth operation. It has a soft start and stops technology and an average battery life of 30000 hours. The motor is positioned behind the door instead of the rear of the opener which maximizes the power of the opener.

The best garage opener reviews show that the best garage openers are backed by a warranty on their belt, motor, and chain. This garage opener comes with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can have your peace of mind, and you do not have to worry at all in case some part of the opener malfunctions.

4. Smartphone Controlled

Sommer Garage Door Opener Reviews App

The best feature would be the smartphone controller and a home link which you can use along with the opener. You are required to configure the home link with your network and phone to control the opener. The smartphone controller is available as an app both in the Apple store for applications as well as in the Android Google play. You can simply use this smartphone app to control every movement of your garage and also receive notifications for any activity that take place in your garage. In case your smartphone is out of charge or battery, this Gogogate2 device can be controlled from even your tablet or personal computer.

5. Customer Service

The most important thing about any advanced technical product is its customer service. It is specifically important for this new kind of garage door openers. Since these garage door openers come with a home installing kit instead of a professional, it is necessary to have a customer support facility which can help homeowners install their garage door openers at any time of the day. This garage door opener comes with a constant customer service help where you could call anytime even if you need to know something very basic. Even if one might be extremely adept that such installation, sometimes it is human to have certain questions. This customer service facility is available for any questions you think you might need to address.


  • Comes with a durable and powerful 3/4 hp motor
  • Creates no noise
  • Offers a smartphone kit which opens, closes, monitors, and receives notifications of your garage door
  • Allows you to share your garage access with other guests as and when you require
  • No setup cost or any monthly fees
  • Always a customer service for any problems that might occur
  • Cons

  • Works a little slower than others
  • Could have had a motion sensor so that the light of the garage are turned on once you entered it
  • Installation and the configuration of the home link could be a little difficult for non-tech-savvy people
  • FAQs:

    1. What phones does the smartphone controller app support? Can it be used without a smartphone?
    Answer: The app can be found on both Apple Store and Android Google play and thus supports any phone of the genre. Also yes, you can use the app from your tablet or PC.

    2. Does the home link work on systems a little old?
    Answer: The home link has been tried and tested with the 2005 Lexus ES330 and the old 2005 Sequoia without facing any issues or challenges.

    3. Could I purchase this item if I reside out of the United States?
    Answer: Presently the garage door opener can only be shipped within the United States and to the APO/FPO addresses. If you want to know more about the APO/FPO shipments, you could check that with the manufacturer of the item regarding its warranty period and customer support issues.

    4. Does the smartphone kit come with one or two sensors?
    Answer: The smartphone kit comes with only one sensor.

    Thus to sum up our Sommer Garage Door Opener Reviews . Overall the SOMMER hp comes with a great design, features, and guarantee. It can thus be considered as one of the best garage door openers which you could choose to buy.

    Sommer Garage Door Opener Review

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