Under Armour Womens Cold Gear Review – Is It Worth It?

After days of use and research this is my Under Armour Womens Cold Gear Review. Well, let’s be straight to the point.

Under Armour Womens Cold Gear Review

Under Armour Womens Coldgear Review

It’s tight but it’s not like the second skin compression fit and it’s not loose so it’s right in between those two. It’s just a nice comfortable fit especially if you’re not a compression fitting person. The coldgear line is designed for temperatures under 55. I like to wear this you know 30 to 40-degree range I can wear it by itself. When it gets down in the lower single digits I usually throw on an armour fleece sweatshirt and wear that over it and I’m good to go. It’s also got built-in UPS protection which helps you protected from the Sun as well as odor control. It’s just a nice all-around rate mock I don’t like anything tight around my neck but it’s nice to have a little bit extra up here to keep you warm so that’s why I like the mock neck.

Under Armour Womens Cold Gear Review

I just got in from a three-hour trail run it was about 23 degrees when I started and I normally wear two shirts or a shirt and jacket. I put this on and it says the only thing the only shirt you’ll need. Well, and they were right within about 10 minutes I had to take my jacket off. I never able to run with just one layer especially in 20 degrees. This is great. This shirt is a super soft on the inside its fleece lined its body hugging but it says it’s not compressive. As I said above It’s a little compressive and pretty tight on me but not too much of compression. It feels really really good to run in it retails for about fifty dollars and highly recommend it super warm super super soft inside and it fits true to size I normally wear an extra small and I bought an extra small so highly recommend the under armour coldgear mock.

Under Armor Womens Heat Gear & Under Armour Womens Cold Gear Difference ?

Some people don’t understand the difference between Under Armor heat gear and cold gear. They get mixed up because they think cold gear is supposed to make it cool and heat gears for the warm. It doesn’t make sense to me because I know you know the difference and it’s just very simple. But I don’t know why some people still getting confused. Let’s clarify it here.

Heat Gear

Heat gear is basically a light weight kind of feel to your clothing made of heat gear material. Under Armor heat gear is for beating out the heat keeping you cool. And I know that sounds complicated but I mean it’s just so simple to understand it’s under armour heat gear it’s going to protect you from the heat make you cooler.

Cold Gear

Cold gear is basically helping you out in the cold you know when it’s below 30 you’re out there on the football field and it’s just freezing cold and you’ve got to have this on and just like the perfect piece to have Under Armour cold gears for beating out the cold just like the cold gear material.

That wraps up this Under Armour Womens Cold Gear Review. Receive my thanks for spending your precious time to go through my review. Check the latest Amazon price below.

Under Armour Womens Cold Gear Review

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