Wowwee Chip Robot Toy Dog Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Wowwee Chip Robot Toy Dog Review : It is no wonder that human beings have always been fascinated with the idea of owning a pet and especially if it’s a dog, the match is unbeatable. Surprisingly, with the advancement in technology, the trend of having pets has changed smartly. Just like smart gadgets, the era of smart pets has arrived. Are you feeling the immense impact of technology? Certainly, WoWWee did. Yes, keeping a visionary eye over this aspect of technology, WoWWee has come up with an absolute charming and excellent Robot Pet Dog named as CHIP. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to ring the bells with a new member in the house. So, immediately order the WoWWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog early for Christmas. What could be more pleasant than that?

Wowwee Chip Robot Toy Dog Review

CHIP stands for Canine Home Intelligent Pet. It is referred as one of the most intelligent and affectionate robot puppies. Equipped with advanced sensor technology and smart accessories, it is a crowd puller nowadays. Undoubtedly, is the best place to witness the success of CHIP. With brilliant and eye-catching features, CHIP is in high demand at Amazon and hitting the market with its strengthened presence. So, before you lose the winning toss, order the Wowwee chip robot toy dog early for Christmas. Few of its impactful features and qualities are covered in our Wowwee chip robot toy dog review here. Just read on to know more about this fantastic toy.

Wowwee Chip Robot Toy Dog Review


WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog Reviews

Human beings always demand originality. It is one of the most desired qualities. Visualizing the same, WoWWee designed Robot Pet Dog- CHIP. You may feel surprised that CHIP can sense the surroundings in the same way as humans do. Isn’t it fabulous that a robot pet dog works like an actual pet? With Beacon Sense, CHIP becomes completely aware of the situations and can establish a relationship with the surroundings just by sensing them.


Gesture sense adds actual life to WoWWee Robot Pet Dog. It allows CHIP to respond to various gesture-based interactions such as clapping, swiping, touching and much more. It is one of the key features of CHIP presented by WoWWee.


It is no surprise that we live in such a century which is entirely surrounded by smart devices. We are no exceptions and hence possess gadgets which are smart enough to be compatible with the majority of the devices. CHIP is one of that. Its BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy feature allows CHIP to connect seamlessly with other smart devices. With a reliable and effortless connection, it is popular among the people of all ages.


Undoubtedly, WoWWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog has been embedded with cutting edge technology and hence is very smart. Its advanced Infrared Vision stretches the scope of visibility to a great extent. It allows CHIP to see and interact with the surroundings in a powerful interactive way.


It is a well-known fact that majority of the technical gadgets and devices work with the help of applications. Applications are the software programs through which they become functional. Same implies to WoWWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog. It facilitates you with a free application which helps to take charge of different controls of CHIP. Moreover, it enhances the whole scenario of gameplay on your smart device.


Just like an original pet, it is a moving creature. Hence, is equipped with special wheels. CHIP is designed to leave no stone unturned in the case of adorability and functionality. Hence, with MECANUM wheels implement the same. The wheels are designed to increase its speed and omnidirectional movement across different kinds of surfaces.


WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog Reviews

It is rightly said that touching is the best way to feel. Considering the same fact, WoWWee embedded the touch sensors in their Robot Pet Dog- CHIP. Whenever you touch, it will be felt by CHIP using the capacitive sensor technology. What could be more real than that?


It is known for its excellent movements and responses. To measure various factors such as movements, g-force, and orientation, gyroscope or accelerometer is provided. It will work as an asset whenever it is being picked up by anyone.


WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog Reviews

Nothing seems better than the feature which helps in recognizing your voice. Your robot companion will respond to its name and different commands with a quintessential feature of Speech or Voice recognition. This pet will become your favorite.

With a unique sense of existence and responsiveness, WoWWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog is undoubtedly cherished by abundant people and mostly by the Amazon customers. Thrilled by its exciting and loveable gestures, people irrespective of their age are looking out for CHIP. It’s a great chance to be one of them. To fill this special year of your life with enchantment and liveliness order the WoWWee CHIP Robot Pet Dog early for Christmas from and be a proud owner of a smartest pet, often known as the Einstein minded-CHIP.

With that we’ve come to the end of our Wowwee Chip Robot Toy Dog Review. Receive our thanks to spending your precious time for going through our review.

Wowwee Chip Robot Toy Dog Review


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